Various media outlets paid tribute to the late Joe Kubert, a major comics creator who passed away this summer. For the uninitiated, Kubert was the artist behind the gritty images in such comics as the World War II comicĀ Sgt. Rock. Kubert’s signature drawing style and approach to storytelling in the comics medium were hugely influential, even if he wasn’t a household name with the general public.

Recently, National Public Radio published a reverent account of Kubert’s life and work:

Likewise, The Los Angeles Times offered accolades and remembered the artist’s impact on comics culture, past and present:,0,7834486.story

The late Joe Kubert will always be remembered for the gritty realism of his drawings in the iconic comic, "Sgt. Rock."

Comics Resources’ Web site also published a heartfelt appreciation of this comics creator who was a great teacher and inspiration to his contemporaies and students alike:

Geoff Boucher of Hero Complex also offered his commentary on the passing of Kubert and the significance of his comics art on popular culture through his iconic Sgt. Rock comic books.

My friend Michael Cavna also looks back at the artistry of Kubert’s comics in an article for his Comic Riffs blog:

RIP, Joe. Your art will live on and you will be missed.

- Neil Kendricks

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