The late Jean “Moebius” Giraud was hardly camera shy. In his later years, the artist’s interviews reveal a comics creator looking back fondly at his career that had a profound effect of a range of media. In the CTN’s An Evening with Moebius, the French artist discusses his groundbreaking art and stories in comics and film. Soft-spoken and down to earth, Moebius’ anecdotes touch on his childhood memories in Nazi-occupied France and his early love for drawing to his artistry eventually blossomed into a magnificent career as a legendary comics creator.

“Drawings could be a vehicle for tragedy or do something bigger than normal writing,” said Moebius during the one-hour-and-55-minute “An Evening with Moebius” presentation.

In Ken Viola’s documentary Masters of Comic Art, writer Harlan Ellison describes Moebius as an artist who “explores new concepts, new dreams and experiments in very strange storytelling.”

Through Moebius’ drawings, comics open up spectacular, dream-like vistas that invite readers to dive head first down the rabbit-hole into imaginary worlds of infinite possibilities.

The master passed away at age 73 in March 2012 after a long struggle with cancer. But his marvelous art is immortal and his work will last for years to come.

Here’s a link to An Evening with Moebius:–6e6c&feature=relmfu¬†

Here’s a link to a clip on Moebius featured in Masters of Comic Art narrated by Ellison:

Here’s a clip from Prisoners of Gravity featuring an interview with Moebius:

This article on Moebius’ passing offers a fairly comprehensive look at the master comic-book artist’s influence on cinema:

Finally, you can see Moebius at work in these video clips: 

Hero Complex feature a look at Moebius’ lasting impact on pop culture:

Hero Complex‘s last major interview with Moebius:

In these interviews and articles, Moebius sheds light into the intertwined matrix where his life and art formed his identity as a witty and often warm-hearted pop visionary of imaginary futures.

- Neil Kendricks

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