Visual chaos is unleashed in JJ Villard's mixed-media artworks!

The cast of characters in Comics Are Everywhere includes the one-and-only artist extraordinaire JJ Villard. For those unfamiliar with Villard’s artworks, you can check out his evolving portfolio on Facebook and his Web site (see links below). Villard’s art-damaged eye candy is laced with riotous nightmares and stream-of-conscious rants that strike an unlikely balance that holds the viewer’s attention in a virtual stranglehold. You can’t look away even when the rampant pop -cultural references bombard your senses in an all-out assault.

I first got introduced to Villard’s world of chaotic scenarios and feral characters through his DVD compilation of wildly inventive and offbeat and twisted animated shorts  Son of Satan, which promptly blew my mind. I eventully included his short films in ‘Toon Town Troublemakers, a now-defunct animation festival that I used to organize and curate at the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego (MCASD), a few years ago. The first impression of experiencing his work stayed with me and when it came time to start filming Comics Are Everywhere, I knew Villard would be perfectly in sync with the project’s adventurous narrative and themes of exploring the creativity unplugged.

In the process, we became friends and I’m so happy to see Villard’s work continue to blossom and grow in startling ways. He’s inspiring to watch and film and I will continue to follow his progress as he works on multiple creative projects. Villard is one of several artists who work in or are inspired by comics, or both that have been generous enough to open their lives to the documentary’s probing camera and my deluge of questions. The adventure continues!

Watch for more updates on Comics Are Everywhere!

- Neil Kendricks

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