Violence is a fact of life on the mean streets as depicted in comics creator Lawrence Hubbard's "Real Deal Comix."

Sometimes, artists have to wait for the audience to catch up to the edgy velocity of the actual work. Comics creator Lawrence Hubbard is gradually finding that a new audience is growing hip to his outrageous, no-holds-barred comic-book assualt of the senses known as Real Deal Comix.

Earlier this summer, JJ Villard introduced me to Hubbard who is a pleasant, warm and friendly artist who is open and eager to talk about his underground comic art. In the ghetto-fabulous spectacle of Real Deal Comics, the 51-year-old artist uses his loose and spontaneous drawing style to transform the pages of his comic into the wild, feral textures of an urban netherworld. Not for the easily offended, Hubbard’s ragged images often explode with sudden, unpredictable violence and streetwise attitude to boot. And a cult following has been gradually growing around this comic that is guaranteed to shock even the most jaded of comic-book readers out there.

It’s great to see Hubbard finally getting attention for his art that doesn’t shy away from the Blaxploitation-inspired menace and emotional heat of the mean streets of Los Angeles where the artist’s characters will pop a cap in your ass for giving them a bad look. Check out the interview with the artist behind Real Deal Comix featured in this article in Vice magazine.

Watch out world, there’s no stopping Lawrence Hubbard and Real Deal Comix!

- Neil Kendricks



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