The Kickstarter campaign for Comics Are Everywhere! has nine days to go!

The clock is ticking. We only have nine days to reach the Kickstarter goal for Comics Are Everywhere!

But we can’t do it alone. My collaborators and I need your donations, and there is still a chance to beat the odds and raise the necessary funds through our crowdfunding campaign by the August 17 deadline.

Here is a link to our Kickstarter page:

This is the critical juncture where your decision to donate can make or break our crowdfunding efforts. And your generous help is greatly needed.

Recently, Pac-Arts Movement was kind enough to share its enthusiasm for Comics Are Everywhere! through a blog entry about yours truly being selected as one of the 10 artists for the 2013 Creative Catalyst Fund/ Individual Artist’s Fellowship. Pac-Arts founder and director Lee Ann Kim’s blog entry about the documentary-in-progress perfectly sums up the significance of the CCF as a game changer for innovative San Diego artists working in a range of artistic disciplines and media.

We hope you will donate whatever you can to our worthy cause to make the best film possible. Our commitment to excellence is unwavering for this documentary that has been in production since July 2013.

Here is a link to Pac-Arts’ blog entry:

We look forward to adding more backers in our quest for funding to complete the production phase of this feature-length documentary that promises to break new ground in its central question “What does it take to create?” Throughout the doc’s evolving narrative, Comics Are Everywhere explores the pop-savvy intersection where alternative comics, animation and the Art World collide as seen through the eyes of select comic creators and artists working in other media who are inspired by comics.

Join us on this grand adventure! All donations to our Kickstarter campaign are greatly appreciated!

- Neil Kendricks

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