looks at the new books on Daniel Clowes (“Ghost World”), African-American cartoonist George Herriman (“Krazy Kat”), and underground comix artist Rory Hayes on bookshelves at a bookstore near you!

Not very long ago, a dedicated comics library might have looked less like a rare books room and more like a semi-coherent junk store, containing a three-dimensional scrapbook of out-of-print books, half-completed reprint series, miscellaneous small press magazines, bound photocopies and endless clippings. But the rise of the graphic novel category over the past decade has yielded a rich vein of previously rare or inaccessible archival material in well-designed, library-ready formats: complete comic strip collections, surveys of mid-century comic book genres, art books dedicated to historical and contemporary artists, and other rare pleasures… (continue reading here)

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