Comics creator Guy Davis' new Web site features news and images from the artist behind the beautifully drawn graphic novel "The Marquis: Inferno."

Comics fans might be familiar with comics creator Guy Davis who brought his immense drawing talent to the table with Dark Horse Comics’ B.P.R.D comic series. But his exceptional drawing skills jump to a new level of dark grandeur with his magnum opus, The Marquis: Inferno that mixes the elegance and decadence of a period piece with the vivid, nightmare imagery of a powerful horror story. The result is pure eye candy laced with an allegorical subtext that will keep you turning the pages in order to find out what happens next.

What are you waiting for? Click the link and take a look at Davis’ marvelous images erupting from his mind’s eye and taking glorious flight on the pages of his comics.

A select page from Guy Davis' graphic novel "The Marquis: Inferno" pulsing with gloriously rendered details of the mysterious, masked protagonist hunting devils disguised in human flesh.

You’ve been warned, my friends!

- Neil Kendricks

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