Comic creator Mark Waid is a pioneer and advocate for pushing comics into the digital frontier. The transition is unavoidable and Waid is helping to adapt comics for smart phones and other video screens. So, how will this impact comic-book stores and other venues that are linked to print media? That’s the question addressed in NPR’s report on this new development in the comics industry.

Here’s a link to hear and read the NPR piece:

The jury is still out on the transition from enjoying comics as print artifacts to the medium becoming just another form digested into the all-consuming digital realm. Personally, I will always prefer reading books and comics as tangible objects where I can flip through the physical pages rather than open as a digital file on an electronic device. Call me old school, but I believe in embracing the tactile pleasures of holding a good book in one’s hands and allowing the words and images to work their magic.

- Neil Kendricks


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