Nightmarish imagery defines the otherworldly narrative beating at the twisted heart of Ines Von Hebal's "Sir Reel" comics.

My good friend, comic creator Ies Von Hebal will be promoting his comic-book series Sir Reel: Theatre of the Mind at this weekend’s Space City Con located in Austin, Texas (see links below).

Von Hebal’s phantasmagoric, comic-book epic catapults readers into the terrifying netherworld of a bizarre catatonic mental patient who is the key of a mysterious murder case at the fictitious Boschstone Asylum. A renowned forensic psychiatrist tries to unravel the secrets of this patient who is not what he appears to be. In the process, the good doctor finds himself on an inner journey that blurs the line between sanity and madness.

If you have an affinity for surrealistic horror and tales of the macabre, this comic is for you!

Space City Con runs Friday, August 10 through Sunday, August 12.


This baroque and eerie painting graces the cover of the second installment of the four-issue "Sir Reel" comic-book series by Texas-based comic creator and indie filmmaker Ies Von Hebal.

- Neil Kendricks



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