You can see Daniel Clowes' gift for caricature and portraiture in his drawing gracing the cover of his graphic novel "Wilson."

Comic creator extraordinaire Daniel Clowes’ extraordinary body of work in alternative comics is hitting a new plateau of visibility and public awareness. Museum-goers and film enthusiasts alike can marvel at Clowes’ traveling career retrospective at the Oakland Museum of California (OMCA) and the upcoming production of Oscar-winning film director Alexander Payne’s screen adaptation of his graphic novel Wilson

Here’s a recent article in Comic Book Resources looking at Clowes’ creative process and sources of inspiration, and how the artist balances the rigors of creating a comic from scratch with the different set of challenges that are manifested in the process of writing a screenplay based on his own work.

Of course, Clowes is among the cross section of brilliant comic creators and artists featured in Comics Are Everywhere. I can’t wait to see what Payne and Clowes come up with in the film version of Wilson. – Neil Kendricks

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