This wildly inventive drawing is one of Kiyoshi Nakazawa's numerous artworks and designs adorning posters and T-shirts.

My artist friend, Kiyoshi “Lucky” Nakazawa is teaching a new installment of his popular comics-making course at the Blue Rooster Arts Supplies (located at 3245 Casitas Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90039; phone: 323-661-9471) starting Wednesday, Aug. 15 through Sept. 19.

The class meets on Wednesdays from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. and artists at all experience levels are welcome.

Nakazawa’s class provides a workshop-like environment where you can develop your original comics in the company of other like-minded cartoonists. The artist, best known for his Drunken Master comic ‘zine, will be on hand to provide instruction and encouragement for those in attendance. The course’s fee is $150.

What more could an aspiring comic creator ask for than a room full of other comic-loving artists getting their creative juices flowing and delving into the zone where ideas flow onto page? Sounds like an ideal happening for comic creators willing to make the time to jump start their creative projects.

For the 411 on Nakazawa’s Web site and his upcoming comics course, check out the links below.

The flyer for Kiyoshi Nakazawa's next comics course at Blue Rooster Art Supplies.

Here’s an article in The LA Weekly where a writer made a studio visit to see Nakazawa in action on his varioius art projects.

Nakazawa’s art (especially his T-shirts and posters) explode with kick-ass imagery fueled by the artist’s refined design aesthetic and edgy sensibility that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

- Neil Kendricks




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